Friday, October 24, 2014

BMW M3 versus Dog...... Who Won? Extreme Scratch removal by Tru Shine

I recently had a client contact me about his BMW M3. His concerns were some scratches on the paint from his dog jumping up on the car before the car cover was put on. The customer hadn't had this car but only a few weeks...... and this happens?!?! His was concerned that it would need repainted, but I talked him into letting me work my magic and save him a whole lot of money.... Here is the process of the restoration

First and Foremost, I had to give this car a proper washing and degreasing

First you have to knock off any heavy and loose debris to prevent more scratches

Then the foam bath and de-greasing to remove any waxes or oils on the surface. 

A good wash mitt and grit guard are two very important tools to a swirl free wash

Next I bring the car inside and pull out the LED lights to examine the damage...... 

Pretty crazy right? Lets see what we can do here.....

Not bad..... lets see what it looks like under the LED's..


All of the speckles are little pits in the paint from acid rain and sap etchings over time.

Couldn't remove 100% as some were to deep, but i think the customer would be happy...?

And finally, after many many hours of buffing and polishing,  here is the final outcome!

Hope you enjoyed the ride, have a blessed day!
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